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UI & UX design

For Norwegian professional sports photographer Kjell Erik Kristiansen, we launched his own custom photo bank.

Case study KEK


Number of photos at launch

20 000+

Lines of code

32 000+

Our client has created a huge archive of sports photos over his 40-year career, and more are being added all the time. Our challenge was to create a platform where the photos could be downloaded by the athletes photographed as well as media and other commercial entities. They will then pay either for individual images or for access to the entire content.

Case study KEK

The result of our work is a photo bank that offers the possibility of uploading several thousand high-resolution photos at once and a simple tagging system. Users can then filter them not only by date and location, but also by specific athlete or their equipment. The app has a user-friendly interface and allows users to make several types of payments with billing options.

Case study KEK

KEK Stock Photos

– A sports photo bank for the Scandinavian market
– User-friendly administration
– Several types of online payments and invoicing options
– Smart search – a specific photo can be found in seconds
– Filtering by date, event and its type, athlete, country, sports club, sport, photographer and equipment used
– Parallel drag and drop upload of several thousand photos at once

Rád bych touto cestou doporučil firmu Make it Run, která vytvořila webovou aplikaci pro naši společnost. Pracovníci firmy projevili velkou odbornost. Byli velmi ochotní a přizpůsobili se mým požadavkům a potřebám, a dokázali včas dodat výsledný produkt.

Project manager
Jan Novák

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